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Welcome to the University of Birmingham Kayaking club – where ability always comes second place to willingness to have a go. We aim to encourage everyone to get the most out of kayaking, whatever their ability level.

Learning - Come down to pool sessions to learn how to kayak!

Progressing - Once you've learnt the basics you can progress in many different areas such as rivers, polo, slalom, whitewater etc!

Socials - Then get to know everyone!

Make sure you have a read of our Code of Conduct and our Constitution!

Pool Sessions

This Girl Can



“Canoe polo (called kayak polo in some countries) is a competitive ball sport played on water in a defined “field” between two teams of 5 players, each in a kayak. The object of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal (i.e. to score goals). The team that scores the most goals in a set time being the winner.”

Canoe Polo is for anyone, those who have never kayaked before to those who already play at the highest level.

We go to many of the university competitions, Paddlington, Cardiff, BUCS, as well as competing in some Warwick University competitions and in Regional Division 4. In addition to competitions around the country we also hold multiple competitions within our own club, pitting everyone from the club against each other!

Any questions about Canoe Polo, please contact Tom Greer (Polo Rep), Jamie Keeley (Men's Captain), Erin Riley (Women's Captain), Sam North (B Team Captain) or email brum.uni.kayak@gmail.com

Rules and Tactics



So... you're thinking of joining a uni sports club? Here's the choice:

1) Follow the crowd. Do a normal sport. Play on a pitch/court. Follow the rules. Stay inside the lines. Get drunk in the Guild. Repeat. Yawn.
2) Come kayaking. Drift down a gentle rapid in Wales. Hit the surf in Devon. Fly off your first waterfall in Scotland. Weave between the rocks in Slovenia. Get drunk around a camp fire in the French Alps.

When it comes to variety, stunning scenery, sheer adrenaline and truly epic adventures, we're certain that white water kayaking is the best option by far.

We'll start the year with some fantastic beginner trips under the friendly guidance of our coaches. As your confidence and skills grow, you'll be able to sign up to more technical (and exciting!) adventures. Within a year you could be hooning down a steep Austrian descent!

And the cost? A genuine bargain. Most of our trips are around the £10 mark. All the specialist kit is included in your membership.

To get a flavour of some of the amazing stuff we get up to, check out this video from last year's Summer trip!

Any questions about Whitewater, please contact Callum August or email brum.uni.kayak@gmail.com


Socials! As much as we all love to go out and kayak, we also like to party and dance our troubles away… regularly...

We believe that, for the sake of the team spirit, it is important to emphasise both the social as much as the sporty aspect of our club. What you can expect is a great variety of socials ranging from sport nights, pub crawls, film evenings, to club tournaments, picnics, BBQs, canal paddles, and much much more.

How good or bad at kayaking you are simply doesn’t count, what matters is that you share with us our love for adventure and are ready to have some fun this year!

Any questions about Socials, please contact Izzie Hudson, Freddie Radakin or email brum.uni.kayak@gmail.com

UBKC Committee

If you have any questions, make sure to talk to a committee member!

Tom Fitzgerald


Sam North


Devy Jeyakumaran


Tom Greer

Canoe Polo Rep

Callum August

Rivers Rep

Alex Sargent

G.I.M.P (Gear Inspection and Maintenance Person)

Izzie Hudson

Social Sec

Freddie Radakin

Social Sec

Connor McCoy

Events Rep

Contact Us

Any queries? Message us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!